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Packing list

During the last week of March I was on a bicycle trip through the Eifel and High Fens, travelling up the Rur to it's source and then down the Ahr to the Rhine. I stayed in pensions, hostels and hotels.

This time I used practically everything that I took, minus emergency things, thank goodness, and I didn't miss anything as well, with the exception of two maps that I forgot at home. Therefore I'll share the packing list for reference.

Climate and geography

The tour goes up to 700 m on the weather side (southwest) of the Eifel and then down the Ahr to a viticultural area with mild climate. That means everything is possible during this time of the year: Frost, snow, storm, heavy rain, heat, intense sunlight — possibly in one day ;-). Therefore I got very light as well as very warm clothes and of course full rain protection. I overestimated my hunger and generally didn't eat much during the day and had dinner in restaurants instead, so I brought back a lot of food.


5x underpants5x socks2x wool socks
long underpantslong undershirt3x t-shirt
shortsthin pantswarm pants
light long-sleeve shirtshort-sleeve shirtwarm pullover
sun hatbeaniemuffler
warm glovesoutdoor jacketrain pants
sneakerssturdy boots


2l orange juice2.5 l waterblack bread
butter sealed in portionsdry salamiParmesan cheese
nutsdehydrated fruitscereal bars
2 boiled eggschocolatemarzipan
chewing gum


warning vestinsulating pad to sitcamera + charger
cell phone + chargerpocket knifecompass
flashlightmapspencil + paper
bicycle lockpumphandlebar bag
saddle bagsbackpackshirrs
clothes line

personal hygiene

toothbrush + toothpasteshampoodeodorant
combsun block


first-aid kitphone numbersemergency blanket
bike repair kitpainkillers

Documents, paperwork etc.

youth hostel IDIDdriver's license
credit cardcashhealth insurance documents
student IDsome stuff to readbooking confirmations
addressesdetailed maps for locations

Lentil or pea soup

With dry legumes, Mettwurst sausages, roots and leek as main ingredients this is a typical winter dish. I always cook a big pot because this soup is perfect for freezing or eating again on the next day.

Ingredients (6-8 servings):


Follow cooking instructions for your legumes: Soak if necessary, then boil in water with bayleaf, pepper and chili. Lightly fry the onions together with the ham cubes until they just start to brown. Add the ingredients to the legumes at the times given below while stirring from time to time, keeping the soup lightly boiling and completing with more boiling water as necessary.

Let the pot rest and cool down for about 15 min before serving.

Serve with Düsseldorf-style mustard or sour cream.