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US nuclear bomb test site

A place with hundreds of craters from nuclear bomb tests of various strength: 37.177 -116.0462. The coordinates point to a large crater which was created by the test explosion Sedan (Video) in 1962. If you open these coordinates in Google Earth and activate the layer "Google Earth Community" you can inform yourself about the names and strengths of the various test explosions.

In the so-called "Operation Plowshare" the US gouvernment wanted to explore possible applications of nuclear explosive devices for mining and large excavations. The until then not so well-known "side effects" of nuclear explosions doomed those plans and finally led to the Partial Test Ban Treaty.

The iBook is broken, the remaining parts are for sale. [Update]

The worst has happened ─ my iBook G4 12'' is dead. Shortly after changing the hard disk the display went black and the computer started to smell like overheated electronics. Opening it again revealed that I accidentally squeezed a cable that leads to the display while I reassembled the iBook, which caused a short circuit that finally roasted the graphics module.

Now I decided to sell the broken iBook as a whole or as parts, they might be useful for someone who wants to repair or upgrade his iBook. As the iBook doesn't boot anymore I cannot guarantee for the parts.

All prices are negotiable.

Parts from an iBook G4 12'' (bought January 2005).

PartSpecificationDescription and commentsProposed price
Hard diskSamsung 60 GB, 5400 rpm, 8 MB cache, PATANot original, but replacement part, almost new and tested (blanked with zeros)45 € (New: 59 €)
KeyboardGerman layoutA bit dirty after 2 years of use, but worked perfectly until now.20 €
Batterymodel A1061Original battery was recalled by Apple, this one is around 1,5 years old, remaining capacity unknown, but not noticeable reduced. Only minor wear on the surface.25 €
OS X 10.3 + iLife '06All software and paper shipped with this mac.CDs, DVDs, handbooks etc.15 €
Power plug.The part where you plug in the output of the mains adapter and that leads the power to the mainboard.This might break if you trip over the cable.10 €

Already sold:
PartSpecificationDescription and commentsProposed price
Airport Extreme cardWLAN for iBooksEasy to upgrade in iBooks.15 €
ComboDriveReads DVDs, can burn CDsShouldn't be affected as the HD is working.20 €
512 MB DDR-RAMFor notebooks, noname, 400 MHz CL 3 PC3200S-30440Bought separately and used to upgrade.30 €
Bluetooth moduleInternal bluetooth module.I don't know if it's possible to upgrade this part in other iBooks.5 €
Mains adapterA bit dirty and scratches on the plastic, but fully functional.15 €
Remaining "carcass"Display unit (maybe broken!), mainboard (256 MB builtin RAM, graphics module roasted), metal frame, plastic shell, metal shields, all screws, original shipping boxNormal wear (little scratches, a bit of dirt)20 €

This sums up to 220 €. For all the stuff together I offer a special price of 99 €. Submit offers and questions as comment to this blog entry or mail to uellue dot unterwegs at freenet dot de.

Preferred way of payment and shipment: Cash and carry (i.e. you pay in cash and carry away the parts yourself). If you want to get the parts delivered (within the EU), I charge 5 € per order for packaging and transport and you have to pay in advance (bank details on request). And again: This iBook is broken and doesn't boot anymore, so I can't guarantee for anything except of the hard disk.